TAUD Drinking Water Contest

Annual Meeting
Each TAUD Region conducts a contest to determine the Best Tasting Water in the Region each year. These Regional contests will be conducted by the end of May. Winners in each Region will be entered in the Statewide contest to determine The Best Tasting Water in Tennessee. This contest will be conducted at The TAUD Annual Conference. Region Leaders of each Region will provide the Judges for this contest. The winning water will be entered into the National contest The Great American Water Taste Test that will be held in Washington D.C. as part of The NRWA Rural Water Rally. TAUD will fly the winning water and a representative from the winning utility to Washington for the contest. TAUD will cover the cost of the flight, hotel and meals for the representative.

2020 Contest Winners
Press Release Region Winner
Download Press Release Region 2 Alcoa Water System
Download Press Release Region 3 Maynardville Utility District
Download Press Release Region 5 Hendersonville Utility District
Download Press Release Region 6 Fayetteville Public Utilities
Download Press Release Region 8 County Wide Utility District
Download Press Release Region 9 East Montgomery Utility District
Download Press Release Region 10 Hixson Utility District
Download Press Release Region 11 Michie Water System
TAUD State Best Tasting Water Winners
2019 Jamestown Water & Gas
2018 Jamestown Water & Gas
2017 Winchester Utilities
2016 Etowah Utilities
2015 Northwest Dyersburg Utility District
2014 Cold Springs Utility District
2013 Lenoir City Utilities Board
2012 Maynardville Utility District
2011 Lincoln County Board of Public Utilities
2010 Water Authority of Dickson County
2009 Etowah Utilities
2008 Athens Utility Board
2007 Jackson Energy Authority