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March 13, 2020

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Scholarship The TN Utility Education Corporation (TUEC) Scholarship Program in conjunction with TN Association of Utility Districts is offering a one year, $2,000 dollar scholarship in each of the three grand divisions of TN. They are the:
  • Harold Clark Scholarship for West TN
  • Henry Elrod Scholarship for Middle TN
  • Sam Bruce Scholarship for East TN
The Scholarships will be awarded to students intending to major in a field related to operations of a public utility at an accredited college or university.
  • The recipient must be a dependent child of a full time employee (part time may be considered under certain circumstances) of a TAUD member or a TAUD governing board member. Or, the recipient must be an employee of a TAUD member.
  • Each applicant’s ranking will be based on leadership responsibilities, awards, honors, academic record, career goals and financial need.
  • The recipient must intend to study a major which is related to or can be used by the student in the operations of a public utility.
  • Deadline for submission is April 1.
If interested, please download the application. If you have questions, contact Brent Ogles at 615-896-9022 or by e-mail at
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